Focused on secondaries

About us

Montana Capital Partners is a Swiss based investment boutique focusing on attractive niches of the secondary market as well as on high-quality investment solutions.

Montana Capital Partners AG, advisor to five of its secondary funds with a total volume of more than EUR 2.7 billion has closed each of the last five funds at the hard cap.

The firm’s investment strategy focuses on attractive niches of the secondary market with small transactions as well as on complex and innovative solutions. These transactions are often sourced directly from the seller, an approach that enables Montana Capital Partners to take the sellers’ requirements into consideration and to customize solutions.

mcp has closed more than 100 transactions with various parties ranging from pension funds, insurance companies, and banks to family offices and high-net-worth individuals. mcp offers a whole range of solutions to clients from straight acquisitions to fully structured transactions in order to create a win-win situation for all parties.

mcp’s second business line provides high-quality advisory services for primary investments as well as risk management services and structured solutions. mcp has been active in advising its clients on primary fund investments over the last years as well as in providing risk management solutions to multi-billion international investors.

Montana Capital Partners