Firm set of values
Innovative, realiable, sound
mcp’s corporate responsibility

Mission & Values

Montana Capital Partners’ mission is to provide innovative, customer-centric liquidity solutions in the illiquid asset class of private equity. Through the rigid application of industry leading investment and risk management processes we aim to achieve superior risk adjusted returns.

Montana Capital Partners has a firm set of values that are expected to be upheld by all team members. These values are honesty, fairness, reliability, client-focus, transparency, trust and appreciation of and respect for all team members. These values can further be summarized and are based on the fundament of the three core values innovative, reliable and sound.

Corporate Responsibility

Montana Capital Partners operates by strict legal, regulatory and ethical guidelines and will actively manage and openly communicate any arising conflicts that arise. The mission and values of the firm guide the conduct of the organization and its professionals.

Montana Capital Partners understands its responsibility in a broader context and donates to charity. Montana Capital Partners is pleased to share the details of these activities with you and highly appreciates any support in these initiatives.

Montana Capital Partners