Social, and
Corporate Governance

Our approach to responsible investing

As institutional investors, we have a duty to act in the best long-term interests of our beneficiaries. In this fiduciary role, we strongly believe that investing responsibly and addressing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues is not only ethically imperative, but also positively affects the performance of investment portfolios (to varying degrees across companies, sectors, regions, asset classes and through time).

Therefore, from its founding, mcp has dedicated itself to implement ESG considerations into every decision and investment process.

As a signatory of the UNPRI, we are fully aligned with the 6 Principles for Responsible Investment and are contributing to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We are further strong supporter of the Paris Agreement and the TCFD and encourage other investors to follow suit.


Guidelines on environmental factors

Addressing climate change through our responsible investment decisions is a key priority for mcp. We identify potential climate related risks early on in our due diligence process and have a strict exclusion policy in place.

At mcp, we have taken a number of steps to successfully eliminate our environmental footprint across the firm. Our office is equipped with energy efficient lighting including daylight and occupancy sensors and runs on 100% renewable energy. We have fully eliminated the use of single use plastic and established a waste- and recycling policy which also significantly reduced our paper usage. Further, we offset our remaining carbon emissions via Kyoto compliant Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs)


Guidelines on social factors – diversity, equity, and inclusion

At mcp, we prioritize diversity and inclusion as we believe that diverse and inclusive teams make better decisions, improve value creation and ultimately our investment performance.

We also support DEI considerations on the investment level and encourage other investors to follow this approach.


Guidelines on governance factors

Governance considerations play an important role in each due diligence process and we allocate significant resources to identify any governance issues, including but not limited to tax avoidance, executive pay, bribery and corruption, director nomination and board composition, early in the investment process


Approach to stewardship and sustainability outcomes

With our commitment to the 17 SDGs, we feel a strong responsibility to contribute to achieving the sustainability outcomes set out by the UN.

Due to our broad investment mandate, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to support each of the 17 SDGs in becoming a reality and have an infrastructure in place which helps us to align our investment and monitoring practice with this goal.

With our stewardship activities we seek to both educate and guide fund managers and management teams to achieve the set-out sustainability outcomes


Approach to exclusions

mcp follows a strict exclusion policy against making investments in portfolio holdings and companies that have revenue deriving from any sector or activities which are conflicting with the 6 PRIs and potentially harming the 17 SDGs.

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