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Tokihiko Shimizu

Tokihiko has 30 years experiences in the public and private pension fund management and is currently Executive Advisor at the endowment Tokyo University of Science Investment Management Company. He was until recently Senior Managing Director and the first head of Investment Banking Division for Regional Revitalization and Relationship Management at Japan Post Bank. Tokihiko also held the position of CEO at Japan Post Investment Corporation, the direct private equity investment subsidiary of Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance, and before that implemented the private equity and real estate investment program as the head of Private Market Investment at Japan Post Bank.

Before he joined the Post Bank, he spent seven and a half years at Government Pension Investment Fund, mainly as Director-General of Research Department and Investment Policy Actuary. He was responsible for investment strategy including strategic asset allocation and implementation of alternative investments, including private equity and infrastructure. Before that, he was involved in the revamp of the Japanese pension system.

Tokihiko is a Certified Pension Actuary and holds a BS in Mathematics from Sophia University.

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