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mcp on complex secondaries in PEI articles

Montana Capital Partners is happy to announce that we have been quoted in a serious of articles from Private Equity International (PEI) which focussed on more complex secondary transactions. Due to mcp’s long-standing experience in the area of more complex secondaries, like securitizations, deferred payments, earn-out structures and cash flow splitting, mcp added their expertise in these areas.

Due to his long-standing experience in the area of structured secondaries and securitizations, Christian has been interviewed by Private Equity International (PEI) in an article on complex secondaries with the title: “Temasek bonds are 'positive news' for secondaries market”: “The positive news there is that the market is happy again to look into these kinds of more complex structures,” Christian Diller, partner and co-founder of Swiss secondaries firm Montana Capital Partners who has completed securitisation deals, told Secondaries Investor. “It’s also good news for the private equity secondaries market because there’s an additional alternative to the straight secondaries sale.”

In another article for secondaries investors, a daughter publication of PEI with the title “The return of the CFO’s”, the author wrote:

“Securitising a portfolio can have particular advantages over a straight secondaries sale, market insiders say. “The upside can be partially retained, depending on the share of equity and junior securities sold to new investors,” Montana Capital Partners’ Christian Diller and Marco Wulff explained previously in a guest commentary. “The sponsor can maintain its existing GP relationships, keep know-how in-house, and continue to gain valuable information from its ongoing involvement with the portfolio.”

These kind of deals can add substantial value for regulated investors like banks, insurance companies who would like to restructure their portfolio.

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