mcp interviewed by Standard & Poor’s

Christian Diller participated in the U.S. Structured Credit Roundtable hosted by Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”). mcp is proud to be part of this roundtable which interviews a renowned group of industry leaders in the area of innovative secondary solutions. The panel discussed recent trends in private equity markets as well as innovative solutions.

mcp is very active in the secondary market and creates innovative solutions for potential sellers. These solutions reach from straight sales of small stakes to fund of fund stakes and more complex solutions in order to reduce the risk weight of private equity of a financial institution through securitization. This article shows the close and long-term co-operation of mcp and S&P in the area of private equity. The article has been published on S&P’s Global Credit Portal RatingsDirect. Please let us know if you would be interested in a copy and we would be delighted to send it to you the interview, if you contact us at .

Montana Capital Partners