mcp investor survey 2022

Private equity’s role grows in volatile times: montana capital partners presents annual survey results

ZUG, 15 NOVEMBER 2022 – montana capital partners (“mcp”) has published its 10th Annual Investor Survey, titled “The role of private equity in volatile times – how leading investors respond to the new market environment”, which explores the current investment strategies and preferences of global private equity investors, including large institutional investors and reputed family offices and foundations.

Allocations to private equity have surged in 2022 amidst decreasing public market valuations, rising inflation, and geopolitical conflicts. The survey finds that 71% of family offices and foundations and 33% of institutional investors now allocate 15% or more of their portfolio to private equity, a significant increase compared to 49% and 21%, respectively, in 2021.

Increased allocations are a result of the strong performance of the asset class and a fundraising environment that has seen GPs come back to market faster than ever and forced investors to accelerate their deployment. Meanwhile the “denominator effect” has meant that for eight out of ten respondents private equity portfolios have maintained their value or increased during the first half of the year, while stock markets plummeted.

To navigate the current market environment and mitigate the impact of a potential recession, investors have turned to resilient industries such as healthcare and business services, and investment strategies expected to be less impacted in a downturn, such as mid-market buyouts and secondaries.

Secondaries are the number two long-term strategic preference of investors behind mid-market buyouts and ahead of growth capital, venture capital and private debt, among others, with a preference for complex secondaries and fund portfolio acquisitions. With a quarter of institutional investors expecting to sell positions in the next 12 months, we can expect to see attractive investment opportunities in the near term.

Marco Wulff, Managing Partner and CEO at mcp, commented: “While it is currently more difficult to identify and create value and there are elevated market uncertainties, we also see heightened interest in and attractive opportunities for secondaries. We believe that we will be able to generate alpha by partnering with the right GPs and by taking advantage of the market correction to invest in assets with strong fundamentals at lower valuations.”

Eduard Lemle, Managing Partner at mcp, added: “Secondaries are expected to perform well in the current market environment, as some LPs may be willing to accept a higher discount in exchange for immediate liquidity, which will create attractive buying opportunities. Secondaries are also an attractive complement to regular primary and direct private equity allocations, due to their high level of diversification, reduced blind pool risk, and earlier repayment of capital.”

The 2022 Annual Investor Survey represents the tenth edition of a successful series of yearly comprehensive studies on the global private equity market conducted by mcp. It is based on two parts: an online survey of more than 60 of the industry’s leading family offices and institutional investors worldwide during the months of August and September 2022; furthermore, a subset of these investors was interviewed in depth to provide further insights into the results. Throughout the report, family offices, multi-family offices and foundations/endowments are classified as “family offices and foundations”. Investors from insurance companies, pension funds, banks, asset managers, and sovereign wealth funds are classified as “institutional investors”. The full report can be downloaded from our mcp website here.

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