Sol Zein ranked 3rd among the top 20 Next Gen Leaders of the Global secondaries private equity industry

We are delighted to announce that Sol Zein, Vice President of mcp’s investment team, has been listed and ranked 3rd among the top 20 next generation leaders of the secondaries market. The Next Gen Leaders list, formerly known as Young Guns, is compiled annually by Secondaries Investors and this year’s list included more than 200 nominations. On August 27th 2020, Secondaries Investors published its editorial pick of the best and brightest individuals under 36 years old in the secondaries private equity market globally.

The published excerpt of Sol Zein’s profile reads as follows:

Solaiman (Sol) Zein, 34


Montana Capital Partners

 Called a master networker, trusted partner and an all-around team player by his peers, Sol Zein is known for the “extremely innovative” and complex restructuring deals he has done at Montana Capital Partners and before that Pantheon. He knew early on he wanted to get into secondaries; his bachelor’s dissertation was on the secondaries market, we’re told. “If the initial proposal doesn’t work for the seller, he knows how to adjust it creatively to reach the end goal of closing the transaction at an attractive price,” says one professional who has worked with him.

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Montana Capital Partners