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Mark Chemieh

Mark is a managing director at PGIM Real Estate and global head of Business Development for PGIM’s real estate and private equity businesses. As a member of mcp’s board of directors, he oversees the coordination of the firm’s business development.

Mark is a member of PGIM Real Estate’s Global Management Council, the Global Investment Committee, the Global Operating Council and the Global Product Committee. Previously, Mark served as managing director and global head of equity capital markets for JER Partners, responsible for building and managing JER’s capital markets team, while overseeing global investor relations and capital raising activities. He was also a member of JER’s Global Executive Committee and Global Investment Committee. Earlier, Mark led global business development as a managing director at UBS Global Asset Management in London, where he was a member of its Global Real Estate Management Committee. Mark also held positions in institutional capital raising and sales for several major firms including Lend Lease and JP Morgan Chase working in Bahrain, London and New York.

Mark has a bachelor’s degree in politics and social policy from the University of Newcastle.

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