Broad primary network and experience
Excellent track record and outstanding tools
Rigorous due diligence & access to best GP’s

Investment Management Services

Montana Capital Partners offers leading Investment Management Services. With increasing regulation of alternative investments and the ongoing sophistication of investors, the need for professional advisory services is expected to increase across the investor landscape.

Montana Capital Partners works closely together with its clients constructing top-down and bottom-up investment programs, sourcing the right funds through extensive market screening, analyzing the underlying data and supporting the client in each step of the investment process. The aim is to create a best-in-class, balanced portfolio, consisting of the best managers in each segment and geography. Therefore, mcp applies rigorous due diligence covering all important aspects for investors.

Our models and processes are state of the art providing sophisticated investors with unparalleled insight into their portfolios. mcp’s team members have a strong track record in conducting primary transactions.

mcp works together with selected clients on the primary side to build up risk-/return optimized portfolios with best-in-class managers and has been active in advising primary fund investments on behalf of its clients over the last years.

Montana Capital Partners