Better understanding of portfolios
Unrivalled academic and business track record in risk management
mcp’s multi-dimensional approach to measure risk

Risk Management Services

Montana Capital Partners is one of the outstanding players in the market for risk management due to its experience in advising large multi-billion organizations, conversations with regulatory entities and the scientific background of the team members.

The increased regulatory requirements result in risk management rising to the top of the agenda for many private equity investors. The benefit for the client lies in a more sophisticated understanding of risk in this asset class and consequently investment decisions based on better information.

Montana Capital Partners offers a variety of sophisticated analyses such as measuring different risk management metrics, based on a multi-dimensional approach which includes the assessment of the accounting risk mainly based on NAV, the liquidity & funding risk and the long-term capital risk. Here, mcp has developed its own new model to perform its multi-dimensional analysis for its clients.

Montana’s team members have demonstrated their leading edge research in both the academic and business world, developed a unique toolkit and have renowned competence in assessing the risk of private equity investments. Montana Capital Partners advises you on all kinds of risk analyses that are increasingly required by regulations such as Solvency II or Basel II/III.

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