Complex transactions
Focus on the smaller end of the market
Direct sourcing of opportunities

Investment Strategy

Montana Capital Partners is one of the leading secondary players and focuses on specific niches at the smaller and more complex end of the market. mcp has successfully raised five Secondary Programs and closed each fund at the hard cap. The established investment strategy has proven to be successful and provides attractive returns and numerous benefits for investors.

Montana Capital Partners’ activities offer investors access to secondary investments which are below the radar of large secondary funds and which are therefore more difficult to access. mcp’s team has a proven ability and track record to operate successfully in the market by closing more than 100 transactions over the last 9 years.

Direct sourcing is the other key factor for mcp’s strategy as we are a trusted partner for many sellers, looking for win-win situations. Through direct contact, mcp is able to provide customized solutions that take the requirements of the seller into account.

Montana Capital Partners